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Brunch Set at Roti Bakar

Hi guys, we're back again! This time we are going to recommend you some food out from some really popular restaurant or cafe in the shopping mall or complex. Now let us recommend you the brunch set at Roti Bakar, Bukit Gambier.
This Roti Bakar is located at Bukit Gambier. It's quite a good place and not bad for dining.
At first I would like to recommend everyone of you about this set of curry chicken with fried bun. It looks unique and really delicious when you taste on it. You can see it seems like very light food but if you finished everything, you will feel full! The price for this set of food is quite cheap, can go and take a try!
This is a bowl of something like economic rice with meats fried with black soya saunce. The set of lunch is quite simple and it's light enough for one lunch! This set of food the overall ranking is just moderate only... you can take a try!
The local style of nasi lemak. I like the rice colour... it's so green. OMG! But overall the nasi lemak was nice and it's worth because it served with a chicken paha also with some ikan bilis... Quite a good lunch set. Nice!
What I can say this most probably would be the breakfast set. This is the famous brand of the shop Roti Bakar! It's nice and delicious with the ovened bread and inside there still contains of eggs pieces... Quite nice.
I love this plate of Satay Fried Rice so much! I already eaten for two times! It's still so delicious. I like it because of the nice taste and it's the special recommend from the shop too! The price not very expensive, with RM 5.90 you can taste this plate of food! After eaten the rice, you still can enjoy the satay! Nice and worth... must try! XD Posted by GenYong 07.12.2010

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We are Back!

Hello readers. We have to say sorry for not update our blog for couple of months. And now, I have a good news for you, We Are Back! This blog will be updated time to time as well. We apologized you to kept you waiting for a long time.
Oh yes, We are trying hard to make this foodblog getting better and better. We wish you to give us more idea or feedback for our improvement by e-mail. Let us continue our exploration of delights in Penang!

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PGHKTC #2 Song River Kopitiam

On Gurney Drive. The kopitiam is on a corner shop lot.

Food Recommendation: Ikan Bakar, Oh Chian, BBQ chicken wing, Roti Bakar

How to GO?

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PGHKTC #1 Lao San Dong 老山东肉骨茶

This week PGHK Tham Chiah Kui went to sample Lao San Dong Bak Kut Teh.


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米粉汤 Bihun Soup at Kampung Malabar 日本新路

Recently I found that Penang roadside hawker stalls were keep on increasing the number. This is good to let those foodies to have variety choices. Although it has many but some was really attracted many foodies whereas some was just try to survive. On the passed CNY, my uncle brought me to have dinner after the shopping at Gurney Plaza.
DSC04197 (Large) by houliao988.
This is Kampung Malabar in chinese we called it as 日本新路.
This place is located along the way of Penang Road and really if you travel Penang Road, you can eat along from the upper street until the lower street. LOL! Penang Road 的美食数之不尽,你可以甚至从街头吃到街尾。
DSC04198 (Large) by houliao988.
Mee Sua (Large) by houliao988.
This is a bowl of Bihun T'ng which really taste good. It is worth to have that price because one bowl of that contained quite a number of meat pieces. 这碗的米粉汤真得很值得,它不仅大碗而且又很美味,真是值得一尝。
Mee Sua 2 (Large) by houliao988.
Porridge (Large) by houliao988.
Besides the Bihun Soup this hawker stall also selling porridge which cooked on the spot. I think the features of this stall is the selling fast by on the spot cooking and it seems to be more fresh. There were many people waiting to buy and take away. 除了米粉汤,该档口还提供了了肉粥。它适合小孩的口味。它的特征是因为所有的食物都是现煮的,这样吃起来会比较新鲜!
Lok Bak (Large) by houliao988.
My uncle also ordered a plate of Lok Bak for the tit-bits. Actually this plate of lok bak not really worth because we waited for long time and it was just a little bit. Not really much! A bit expensive lo. 我的姨丈还叫了一盘的卤肉来尝尝。我觉得这盘比较不值得因为我们等了很久而且价钱也不低,料也不是很多。

In overall it seems not bad in taste and really worth it! So if you got pass by the Penang Road, you should go and take a try. I can recommend to you and you will see a special features on the stall. One of the workers is seems like a "loud speaker", he managed to speak loudly and everyone can hear him but actually he is kind. This stall wil start selling from evening until late night! So you should go for it. 大致上都是值得吃的。如果大家有经过这条街,我推荐你们去尝一尝。其实你会看到一个景象,那就是有一个员工会好像“大声公”从街头讲话街尾也听得到。他们都在傍晚才开档,卖到深夜去。值得一尝!下面有地图参考:
Location Map:

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Economy Rice 经济饭

Today our school was held an Education Fair at school hall. As I was involve in duty, so I get a box of rice for lunch. Stay back at school and get free food was not easy as you think. We have to work very hard to get this reward. Anyway, I don't feel loss on this! I work for school. Let see what's the ingredient inside:
Inside contained one fried chicken, fish ball with soup, beans and the egg fried! By the way, I felt it's worth while I get it free just now! I don't know how much was this box of rice but really have to thank the PRS society for sponsoring us this lunch!

By GenYong

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Nyonya Food @ Abu Siti Lane

There are many nyonya restaurants locate at Penang island. But I prefer the most was the nyonya restaurant which located at Abu Siti Lane. Before this restaurant (Nyonya Breeze) moved, it was located at Tanjong Bungah. There have the nice beach view and really enjoy eating there. Now they permanently moved to Abu Siti Lane and the restaurant had the AC system, it's more comfortable to eat there!
The nyonya restaurant
My uncle was the loyal customer. He always brought my aunt and little cousin there to enjoy the nyonya food. Last year December, he brought us to taste for nyonya food! It's really a good nyonya dinner. Let's see what we had ordered.
The fried sambal fish.
The pork meat
The vegetables.
I managed to take those photos because that time my camera was run out of battery. Anyway, I recommend everyone of you go and take a try on this restaurant! It's really worth and will not cost much! It's located opposite Red Rock Hotel. The location is easy to find and you should be there!

Location Map:

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