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There are many nyonya restaurants locate at Penang island. But I prefer the most was the nyonya restaurant which located at Abu Siti Lane. Before this restaurant (Nyonya Breeze) moved, it was located at Tanjong Bungah. There have the nice beach view and really enjoy eating there. Now they permanently moved to Abu Siti Lane and the restaurant had the AC system, it's more comfortable to eat there!
The nyonya restaurant
My uncle was the loyal customer. He always brought my aunt and little cousin there to enjoy the nyonya food. Last year December, he brought us to taste for nyonya food! It's really a good nyonya dinner. Let's see what we had ordered.
The fried sambal fish.
The pork meat
The vegetables.
I managed to take those photos because that time my camera was run out of battery. Anyway, I recommend everyone of you go and take a try on this restaurant! It's really worth and will not cost much! It's located opposite Red Rock Hotel. The location is easy to find and you should be there!

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GenYong 09.02.2010

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