Curry Mee at Perak Road

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This afternoon my parents fetch me back from the Adventist Charity Food Fair and dropped by to Perak Road. We had our tea time there at the curry mee stall which opposite the Harmony View Apartments there. Anyway, I still remembered my dad had brought me there before to eat the curry mee. But it was very long time ago which the old uncle also passed his stall to a young guy.

My dad recognized the young guy and he always went down to there every week in the purpose to taste out the curry mee. I don't think it's my first time to have the curry mee there. However I more prefer the taste of the old uncle because it taste more original and delicious.
Curry Mee
Curry Mee #2
Curry Mee #3
I like this bowl of Curry Mee very much. Although it didn't taste spicy but the soup seems nice! I cannot eat spicy dishes because I will sweat after ate. I love the soup very much and I ate until empty the bowl! Later the Tauke saw it was very happy and asked me delicious kah? XD.
After having my curry mee then I ordered a bowl of sweetmeats to 'wet' up my mouth and tongue. This sweetmeats actually not very tasty but seems I was too thirsty then I quickly drink it finish. I think it was not bad and you can take a try.

For more details to this place, you can simply refer to the map that provided below. Actually it's an opposite the Harmony Square which just completed by Belleview Group. Go and take a try, it cost reasonable and I am sure that's no longer this price can be find in Penang. The curry mee one bowl for only RM2.00(small)! Take a try... Posted by GenYong 01.11.2009

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