Brunch Set at Roti Bakar

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Hi guys, we're back again! This time we are going to recommend you some food out from some really popular restaurant or cafe in the shopping mall or complex. Now let us recommend you the brunch set at Roti Bakar, Bukit Gambier.

This Roti Bakar is located at Bukit Gambier. It's quite a good place and not bad for dining.
At first I would like to recommend everyone of you about this set of curry chicken with fried bun. It looks unique and really delicious when you taste on it. You can see it seems like very light food but if you finished everything, you will feel full! The price for this set of food is quite cheap, can go and take a try!
This is a bowl of something like economic rice with meats fried with black soya saunce. The set of lunch is quite simple and it's light enough for one lunch! This set of food the overall ranking is just moderate only... you can take a try!
The local style of nasi lemak. I like the rice colour... it's so green. OMG! But overall the nasi lemak was nice and it's worth because it served with a chicken paha also with some ikan bilis... Quite a good lunch set. Nice!
What I can say this most probably would be the breakfast set. This is the famous brand of the shop Roti Bakar! It's nice and delicious with the ovened bread and inside there still contains of eggs pieces... Quite nice.
I love this plate of Satay Fried Rice so much! I already eaten for two times! It's still so delicious. I like it because of the nice taste and it's the special recommend from the shop too! The price not very expensive, with RM 5.90 you can taste this plate of food! After eaten the rice, you still can enjoy the satay! Nice and worth... must try! XD Posted by GenYong 07.12.2010

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