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On 24th of November when my aunt's birthday, my uncle brought us to Queensbay Mall Kim Gary for the birthday dinner. Anyway it's one of the popular restaurants in Queensbay Mall! It sell Hong Kong with the oriental meals and it suits everyone! By the way let's take a look what we had on that day.

I had a bowl of Bak Kut Rice. I thought it's special when I looked at the name but when it served, I just realized that this was just simlar like the homemade rice. XD! What do you think?
My sister had herself a bowl of char siew rice. It contained many of meats which suit her very much! XD.
My aunt(the birthday girl) had a plate of Spagetti together with fish pieces. I think this was more worth than mine.
My grandma had a bowl of Pork Meat Rice. The taste not bad and contained many ingredients!
My cousin had himself the Cheesy Egg FriedRice! It looks like delicious and it suit most of the teenagers... But the price was not cheap. A bowl of this rice is about RM15.
My cousin had a seafood rice which he love seafood so much. The special features can be found was the octopus inside and contain of fish, egg, prawn, crab... It worthed for RM19.
Lastly my uncle had himself an HK Style Oyster Fried Rice. It's worth because of the pieces of meat and some oyster beside it! From my uncle, he said it's not bad the taste and he recommended me to try out next time!

Kim Gary serves the delicious HK style food. I think mostly the people would like the food because it is not all oriental food nor western food. It serves everyone's taste and every Chinese! You should take a try at Kim Gary Restaurant!

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