Curry Mee at Lorong besides Kimnovak

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Hi foodies here, first of all I would like to wish all of you merry christmas! Today is christmas eve, where are you going to have your christmas dinner?
Have a Turkey?

But anyway, I am not planning to have christmas dinner because it will cost me a lot. Hahax. Anyway, I posted some photos that I had on last monday. My dad brought us to the hawker stall that opposite Traders Hotel and besides Kimnovak(school uniform selling shop). There have lorong but no name for it. But I ensure that's a famous hawker stall in town.

Hawker Stall #1

Hawker Stall #2

Hawker Stall #3
Can you imagine that how big is this lorong? Can put hawker stalls. Drive through and walk through! It's a cool place but there is lacked of water.
Milo Ice
Hot day, my sister have a Milo Ice to realize thirsty.
Nut soup (sweet)
My mum ordered a bowl of Nuts Soup in sweet taste.
Fried Prawn
Fried Prawn, it's delicious!
Char Bihun
Char BiHun, everywhere got sell it. But I wondered that here is more tasty and more people like to buy it. Actually cost is not cheap yo~!
Curry Mee #1

Curry Mee #2
This post 'main character' is this bowl of Curry Mee. My dad's friend selling there and the soup is so special. White in colour and later baru put the sauce inside. Many of ingredients inside, and it's not expensive! I recommended you must go and have a try! Thank you. Posted by GenYong 24.12.2008

Click here for the map to reach the place

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wei , is that you see my blog got introduce then u go eat ?
but , you eat curry mee ... the ones I mentioned is Hokkien Mee ..

Hokkien Mee is night shift. But the curry is not bad taste! You can go try out next time, ok? Trust me!

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