Happy Dong Zhi 2009 冬至快乐!

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Morning everyone here, if you're a chinese you sure know today is what festival going on. Anyway, Let me explain to you what you celebrate today. Actually Dong Zhi is a festival which directly translate means 'Winter Coming'. It's the last festival of the year and before Chinese New Year. Usually people will make 'Tang Yuan' (汤圆) on the eve of Dong Zhi. 'Tang Yuan' which mean a little glutinous rice ball.
In traditional, my grandma told me that while children ate one 'TangYuan' they will elder 1 year old.

Happy Dong Zhi 2009
Just now about 10.00am in the morning I woke up and after did praying to ancestral, I ate one small bowl of Tang Yuan. My grandma used Tang Yuan to pray for GOD! Last night, we did the glutinous balls until midnight 12.00am! In total we did for four colours which means four seasons in whole year. I don't know which colour represent what... XD!
Happy Dong Zhi 2009
This is an annual festival event celebrated by Chinese. Some of them said 冬至大过年. So this festival it just seems like another Chinese New Year. My grandma later will cook something like Reunion Dinner. So now I ate the Tang Yuan and that means I grow elder! XD.

So have you eaten? Happy Dong Zhi yo~! 冬至快乐!

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