Midwinter Lunch

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Yesterday was the midwinter festival, Dong Zhi. There is one of the festival celebration of Chinese! Besides having glutinous rice ball, Tang Yuan there was also a reunion lunch for us. My grandmum spent a lot of time and energy to cook for us to eat. Old people said, 'Dong Zhi bigger than CNY' so that's must reunion.

What I have for my lunch before went tuition on yesterday afternoon?

Midwinter Lunch
I put all the dishes in the one plate and make it more easy to it. I love my grandmum's cooking and I trusted she is the best cooker! I like to eat my grandmum cooked dishes. It's seems have a homemade feeling and a special taste. Grandmum, I love your cooking! XD Posted by GenYong 22.12.2008

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