Sweet Tang Yuan

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Today is the midwinter festival, this year the festival was celebrate on 21/12 and there not same like last year celebrated on 22/12. This festival have a special sweetmeats that called Tang Yuan in chinese. It's made by glutinous rice and yesterday we were busying to make the tang yuan and cooked this morning.

Tang Yuan #1
These balls was made by us yesterday night.
Tang Yuan #4
Just now I shot for this picture, it's seems so delicious and would you like to try it?
Tang Yuan #3

Tang Yuan #2
My mum was getting the sweetmeats for us. It's nice! Homemade can eat a lot right? Would you like to try? I like sweet Tang Yuan, do you like it? People said, ate tang yuan than you are become elder/older. This festival can nominated as there was bigger than CNY! Have you eaten Tang Yuan? Anyway, wish everyone Happy Dong Zi! Posted by GenYong 21.12.2008

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