Dim Sum @ Maxim Restaurant, Sg Dua

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Hey guys,
I am GenYong here to make my first post after the food blog combined together. Anyway, now let me post up some photos of Dim Sum which I ate at the Maxim's Restaurant. It's located at Sg Dua which called Taman Pekaka(near Penang Tesco Extra).

Dim Sum 1
I loves the crunchy yam. This dish was made by the yam which fried with some meats to make it tasty. Then the chef used some flour to cover the surface and fried until crunchy... Rate 8/10
Dim Sum 2
Most of the people called Chai Tao Kuey, which direct translate become carrot cake... XD! I have no idea English called what in this dish. In which restaurant you are, you sure will order this plate of Chai Tao Kuey and eat together with the mayonnaise. Tasty.... 8/10
Dim Sum 3
The Siu Mai which pronounced in cantonese. I love this since I was small! This restaurant used the special machine to make those Siu Mai steamed until soft and tasty. I like the softness and I can feel a bit Q when ate it.
Dim Sum 4
Small cabin baos.. Although it's not a popular restaurant in here but I think it taste not bad. It can be fight with the Dragon-i where popular for small cabin baos...
Dim Sum 5
A plate of Chee Cheong Fun which steamed with the sauce. It's not like the normal sauce which feel sticky.. I love the soup and the Chee Cheong Fun was steamed until soft. When you touch it, you will accidentally break it...
Dim Sum 6
The prawn fried... I don't know how to explain! It mixed with mayonnaise will be tasty. 8/10
Dim Sum 7
Dim Sum 8
DimSum 9
As you can see there were a lot of SiuMai which we had ordered. Actually everything was same just the colour different. I have no idea why they put colourful, maybe attract the customers? Anyway, we still ordered a dish seems like SiuMai which contain of small piece of abalone. By the way, I don't think it's real! XD...

The Maxim's Restaurant located at:
Venue: Sg Dua Taman Pekaka(Bangunan Lip Sin)
Operate Time: Early in the morning until noon
Prices: See you order what!

Here is the map to guide after you!

View Maxim's Restaurant(Dim Sum) in a larger map
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