Steamboat Dinner at Cameron Highland Restaurant

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I think this will be a long time ago happening. By the way I still need to update it and share with all of you. I would like to apologize to those supporters who always come forward and read about it. I promised I will be update this blog at least 1 post a week. Anyway, you can just refer to my main blog and remind me too.

Continue with the last post which we had lunch at Cameron Highland. At night we went to the famous restaurant which recommended by 阿贤(Astro). After we ate that I feel really reasonable the price because it not really cost much. Anyway, everything there were organic it's good for our health! Let me show you what we had eaten:

All the vegetables were organic whereas they also provided us some seafood items together with some eggs and noodles.
Steamboat #2
Later on, everything put inside to the plate and boiled up the soup. The smell comes out so nice and I taste for the soup was so sweet. I like the soup and I drank more than 5 bowls! XD. Inside the soup contains of many ingredients!

Then the location actually is nearby the Star Regency Hotel, you can either walk there or drive there. As you can see the shop front view will be like that:
The Shop
See you guys, the next post is kopitiam in Sungai Ara. Check it out! Posted by GenYong 15.10.2009

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