Lunch at Cameron Highland Brinchang Restaurant

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Sorry guys and those my readers. I am so sorry that for no updates a long time. Recently I was not free enough for updating blogs or even online. I hope everyone can forgive me and continue reading my food blog. For more my updates, you can just login GenYong UNITY or follow me on twitter.

Recently I went to Cameron Highland. I have snapped some food photos and would like to share with everyone... Enjoy those photos.
Eat la!
My uncle recommended us to have lunch in the nearby restaurant.... Oops, can be considered as Kopitiam... But the service that provided seems like a restaurant. Not only the meals good and also I like the tea. *Maybe that time was cold and a cup of hot tea made me comfortable.
KaNa Vegetables
Cai Sim
Just a lunch we have three plates of vegetables. One was kangkung fried with sambal.. Next was KaNa vegetables fried regular and another was 'CaiSim' boiled and mix with some sauce...
Curry Tao Kua
They ordered a bowl of curry fish head too. There were full of 'Tua Kuas' and some vegetables. What I could feel that cold day having some spices was good!
Fried Prawn
Fried Egg
Pei Tan Egg
Tao Hu
So we had our delicious lunch before the restaurant rest... It's really delicious and I think most of the people will recommend this restaurant for you if you travel to Cameron Highland...

It's located in Brinchang which nearby the Star Regency Hotel... Here is the map Posted by GenYong 28.08.2009

View Star Regency Hotel Apt in a larger map

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Hello, may I know what's the name of this restaurant? Thanks :)

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