HouLiao rebranded to version 2.0

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New HouLiao
Recently the HouLiao! was gone and now was changed the new name which called HouLiao avenue. Although is the new name but the link is as usual, same writer and same photographer. Anyway, I would like to apologize to my readers, recently I can't manage to open the HouLiao! and update so caused the updates not frequent. The new HouLiao avenue bring you to the Penang Corner and also show up Homemade food in this blog.

From now on, I believe I have enough time and enough information to show you all. Today I succeed in rebranding this blog and change the new look. By the way, I would like to wish HouLiao! 1st Anniversary which fell on 27th of May 2009. Anyway, the new post after rebrand will be up tomorrow, be sure you check out and be the first reader! Thank you. Posted by GenYong 31.05.2009

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