Shark Fin soup, YuChi 鱼翅

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Hello guys, I am lacking of time to update this blog. Sorry to everyone, by the way I had search some random photos from my photos storage. I found that I have missed alot of photos haven't share with all of you. So I take my opportunities to write something about it.

I know that this is already belated because almost CNY have a lot of meals. Dinner, Lunch etc. Anyway, do you like shark fin soup? Shark Fin Soup is almost included in Chinese Culture Dinner, it's almost come out as the 2nd meal.

Shark Fin Soup #1
Shark Fin Soup #2
Do you like this 2nd meal? I think almost kids like it because of it contains of something like soup with the good ingradients. Hmm.... delicious! The ingredients contains of course have sharkfins, meats, crab meats etc...

I love it very much! Give your comment below =) thanks. Posted by GenYong 11.04.2009

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