Homemade Mee Sua Soup

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I am very sorry to all readers that I was ignored this blog update again for over one month long. Now already end of March and I just update for it. Recently this blog is halfway dead and no visitors at all.

But now what I want to show you is some fresh and I will rebrand this blog as soon as possible! Be sure you always check out the food blog here. Thank you for first! =)

Today what I want to introduce to you is my grandmum homemade Mee Sua Soup which I ate when I having dinner last week. It's a good taste and the delicious soup. The Mee Sua not the local buy mee sua, it's from Thailand actually. -) My grandma cooked it with big quatities of ingredients and fulfilled our dinner.

Mee Sua Soup
Can you see how big is the bowl and the soup is full on top of the bowl! Do you want to try it? Hahax. You can come my house one day and I call my grandma to cook it and let you try. XD!

By the way, I really impressed for my grandma's cooking. My mum was not a good cooker or maybe she's still not yet old enough and no very much experience to cook. I love my grandma and thanks to her for everyday cooks the dinner for us! Thank you grandma =) Posted by GenYong 29.03.2009

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