CNY 1st Day Breakfast

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Hey guys, happy new year or Gong Hei Fatt Choi here. I believe that everyone was having a nice CNY is passed few days, today is the forth day and what meal will you have next? 'Lu Jiak Ba Bui?' in hokkien. Be a chinese always talk about eat, whenever you come over to one site, eat first then baru settle! During CNY, won't lose Reunion Dinner and many more meals.

Anyway, I didn't shoot for Reunion Dinner meals but I spot for the breakfast of 1st day. 1st day of CNY, what you ate?

Cap Cai

CNY Biscuit

CNY Cakes
What else you have on 1st day? Suggest out on the comment box! Thank you. Posted by GenYong 29.01.2008

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