Birthday Dinner at CRC Restaurant

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Happy New Year guys! The day before new year eve, is my cousin birthday. He born on 30th of December on year 2005! The day that he born is the day before new year eve. And that year he was countdown in hospital with my aunt.

By the way, last year he also celebrated his birthday as well, but it was at home. My uncle invited us to CRC Restaurant at town city of Penang. I heard from him that he mentioned that he did many surveys from people that said CRC is the best among all the orient restaurant in Penang, are you believe?

Do you been this restaurant before? This was my second time been there since I know the environment. The first was while I was studying primary year 2/3 (not sure).
This was my cousin birthday cake. Is it cute enough for kids? Haha. He love Mickey Mouse Family very much! So the cake always will be Mickey Mouse.
Shark Fins #1

Shark Fins #2
I wondered that how come my uncle will order a shark fin soup(鱼翅) for us. It's costly if ordered this kind of dish. But doesn't matter, because he rich enough! LOL. It's really delicious and there were many ingredients inside. Have a lot of seafood such as crab meat, fish and many more.
This dish was the first and also the fastest we finished it. Why? Because the service was not good and there was too many of customers, so other dishes was lately come!
Curry Prawn
Next, we have a curry prawn. I don't like prawn very much because I found that's lousy to separate out the shell of prawn, so that it will make my hands dirty. But this changed my opinion, the curry is really tasty if you eaten with some rice!I ate 3 prawns out of 11 prawns!
Butter Bread
Besides you can eat with rice, you can also get some bread and eat with it! What we have here is a butter bread. It's slightly oil and have butter smell in the bread. It's different of the whole meal bread! Nice.
Mixed Fried
I'm not sure that what's this dish. I ate this for only once and I found that there was mixed fried. I think they were frying with meats, vegetables and many ingredients else.
Roasted Chicken
Roasted Chicken? I ensure that you can buy it from Chicken Rice Shop right? No matter is in food court or hawker stalls, the roasted chicken is better than this.
What bad for this dish is because there was not really a good meat of chicken provided. They provided the meat that hardly to bite. That's why!
Mixed Vegetables
I like this dish so much! It's my favourite among all the food, I like vegetables with mushrooms and many more. I think every kids will love it right? Eat more vegetables to prevent constipation! That's true!
After blowing the candles, wish for the good. Then my uncle was divide the cake equally and I get a piece of it! This cake was not really special but the taste not bad. I prefer the Secret Recipe's cakes. I hope I get it for coming birthday, still long time to go!

So finally wish everyone here, Happy New Year! Have a nice day on year 2009, Be Happy.
Happy then continue with what? That's sure eat la! Posted by GenYong 01.01.2009

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crc was famous for its food. i like secret recipe cakes too. hehe.

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