Tomato Soup at Sungai Ara Old Kopitiam

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It's happen on last month. My uncle brought us to the old kopitiam for having lunch before went shopping at Gurney Plaza. Actually this kopitiam I went before and I also post before in this blog. Anyway, now let me show you the second time and usually we were having different order.

Tomato Soup
At this post, my purpose is to recommend you this bowl of tomato spicy soup. It brings up this stall of selling lunch popular at the area of Sungai Ara. If you live in Sungai Ara, then you should know where is it! This soup is not everyone can taste it, I can't even eat it.
Here is the plate of TaoHu cooked with some onions and fish pieces. It's a good dish and almost we went to have dinner. We will have this plate of meals.
He Ko Bak

He Ko Bak #2
He Ko Bak here, I really don't know what kind of meat is this. I just feel that this meat fried and I ate this very delicious.
Fried Chicken
Besides that, the kids favourite and also my cousins' favourite. They like drumstick of the chicken and the fried chicken meat. If the chicken never been fried, they won't eat. Believe me!
Tan (in hokkien)
This is one of the seafood. I don't know how to call it in English.
Cai Ta (vegetables)
This is my favourite vegetables here. I think this is cabbage fried with salted fish and it seems more tasty here. I like this vegetables very much and I ate the most.

Anyway, the next post will be in Super Tanker. Be sure you check it out! Posted by GenYong 12.12.2008

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all the pics were took so perfect..
improved in photo shooting!!!!

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