Mat Tou Yao at Jelutong Market

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Do you heard this shop before? What's selling there? Is it famous?
Answer is if you are penangite, i think you should know it! It's a popular selling sweetmeats in Jelutong market(night)

Christmas Eve after countdown, my dad drove us to Jelutong for having the supper sweetmeats. However it's already 12.30am, the shop still crowded of foodies. It's really good business for that night.

Mat Tou Yao
Wow, this shop is a colourful shop. It's really a 'bright star' at night along the Jelutong market. Have you been there before?
Night food stalls
Along the street, beside this shop there also have many of hawker stall. Although it's late at night but they are still serving with some supper for customers. Got fried mee stall, sausage selling stall, Mini bites foods and almost is oriental foods!
SweetMeats #2

It's so sweet and tasty. It's best for realize thirsty at night! XD. One bowl cost RM2.20 but I think the price is reasonable because it contains a lot of ingredients inside and can let you add on honey for more sweet!
Muah Ji
Besides having sweetmeats, my dad ordered some light foods it's just like Muah Ji 麻籽. It also not bad, I like it!
Char Mee

Char Tang Hun
After that, we also have two plates of fried mee. The seller really a kind man, put a lot of prawn and fried with a good taste! Delicious.

So now have a new place to go and have your supper rather than always been Old Town or Starbucks. Although here non WiFi provided but the price is more comfortable. No need to spend much you can get more! So you must try out this at night!

Do you know the place?
Posted by GenYong 27.12.2008

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aiyoooo... after countdown still can go supper a...

I am at gurney.. seeing those car kena spray.. kesian...

@Penang Tua Pui ya because that time hungry. Yeah, kesian ya... it's hard to clean!

i've jst had their "tong shui" for dessert~ they have another branch along Terengganu Road, after Caunterhall.

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