Homemade Salad

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Last month, I went to my uncle's house staying for whole week which the time my KL cousin were coming. My uncle used the

  • small tomatoes
  • small cucumbers
  • jelly
  • maizes
  • apples and some grape pieces
That's the bowl of salad before mixed. Is it seems look like the normal salad?
Homemade Salad

Uncle doing
My uncle was get out the mayonnaise and he decided to put all the local mayonnaise and mixed some Japan mayonnaise. I think this will be the better taste!
Mixing maiyonise
There's he was mixing the Japan mayonnaise to the bowl. I like mayonnaise! Do you like it?
Before mixing
After he mixed all the ingredients, the whole bowl become like that. Then he starting stirring with a spoon, mixed all the ingredients.
Photo with salad
Finally, it's complete. I think this process spent 30 minutes. There my uncle was taking photo with his own made salad. I ate a lot of this salad, I felt that it's better I have fruits. This was more tasty and more sweets that I like! If you want to try it out, just contact him . Posted by GenYong 08.12.2008

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