Homemade Kuey Teow T'ng

Posted by GenYong On Tuesday, December 09, 2008 1 Feedbacks

Recently I like homemade foods very much. As me no much of money to eat at outside so I prefer homemade, first can save money and second is more tasty! While I was eating the homemade food, I will think of my family members especially my mum.

Last month, while I was at my uncle house. I have a lot of homemade foods, which cooked by my grandma(mother side). As my cousin like her cooking and she is a 'chef' of us for the whole week! XD.

Kuey Teow T'ng #1

Kuey Teow T'ng #2
This bowl of Kuey Teow T'ng is really delicious and it contains many of ingredients in the bowl. Can you see it? This is one of the benefit having homemade foods. Haha! Can get many as yu want! More food sharing in next post! Check it out. Posted by GenYong 09.12.2008

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homemade was always the best...
i like it!!!!

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