Cheese Bun from Jusco Queensbay

Posted by GenYong On Wednesday, December 17, 2008 2 Feedbacks

Monday night, my family went to Queensbay Mall for the Christmas Shopping and we were looking some shirts for the coming soon CNY on 26th January. We walked around the shopping complex and go into many shops as well. F.O.S, Padini, Billabong and many more, but finally I bought a shirt in Jusco Department.

After complete the shopping and we were get set and back. It's around 10.30pm, there was few people in the shopping complex so the bread selling shop was reduce the bread price become half. So my mum decided to buy it for our next day breakfast. We bought a lot of bread and just only RM6.85. So the benefit is at the last you buy get more discount or even free! XD.

Cheese Bun #1
This was what I have on yesterday morning. Actually the way of eating this bun also important. According to my sister, she taught me that eat from the back and at the end you will get the cheese in a bun, really delicious.
Cheese Bun #2
The top view of this bun is just only a simple bun but inside the bun contains of cheese. I like cheese, do you like it? Actually this bun is more costly if you buy in the shopping time, but you buy before the shop need to clear stock that will be more cheap! Check out there is located at South Zone of Queensbay (next to Jusco basement). Posted by GenYong 17.12.2008

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oh.... i just love cheese!!! i never try this before. can try it next time i go queensbay. :)

allenooi from Yummy Station

That's sure. But you want the cheaper price, go buy it before the shop close! that's mean around 10.30pm

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