Buffet Dinner at Gurney Plaza Food Court

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Christmas day while we were watching movie in GSC Gurney Plaza. we have our 'christmas dinner' at the Gurney Plaza Food Court. Since I long time not been Gurney Plaza have food, I wondered that there was a new set of buffet dinner provided by the food court management. It's cheap and not bad the taste. A new delight in food court! 
Buffet Dinner #1

Buffet Dinner #2
What I had here is only a plate of simple fried mee with a fried prawn. The waiter gave me a lot of the fried mee and it's not bad eaten with some chilis. It made me quite full and I prefer like this, spent some but ate a lot! I think if you the 'Gurney kaki' you will know this. You can simply leave comment here, is true any also can! Just say out! Posted by GenYong 30.12.2008

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