Midnight Nasi Tomato at Jelutong

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Finally I am back to HouLiao for introducing you some foods that I have been tasted. This post I will bring everyone to the supper hottest place. As I have been stay in my uncle house for a few days, he brought us to eat here and there. One day midnight, he suggested to bring us for tasting the Nasi Tomato which is only sell on midnight.

The miracle things is this Nasi Tomato is only valid from 3.00am until 5.00am then they will close shop. Do you heard this before? I think you will guess it is Kayu or whatever Nasi Kandar shop. Actually it is not! Let's see where is it:

The time
This is the time we prepared to going off. From Sungai Ara-Jelutong about 10 minutes we reach there. Why? Because that time already midnight really no car on the road!
The stall
This shot is not a nice shot because of the darkness. This is the stall that sell Nasi Tomato!
Nasi Tomato
Here is my plate of Nasi Tomato. *Night effect not so nice! Actually I have only a fried chicken and put in some 'kuah'(in malay). It cost RM3.30, is it cheap?
There is my uncle, he brought us there and invite us to eat! You can look him eat until so delicious and smile to my camera. Hahax.

Anyway, this stall of Nasi Tomato is located at Jelutong after the single lane flyover from Green Lane. Opposite Lam Wah Ee Lebuh Batu Lanchang.

Click here for the map to reach the place

p/s remember that this stall is only open at 2am until 5pm If you are late there is going to off! The best Nasi Tomato in town! You must check it out!

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