Homemade WanTan Noodles

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Last month 27th Deepavali holiday, my dad and I at home. Seems nothing to do, we tried to make a plate of WanTan noodles without any meats, vegetables. We just simply put the noodles with some ketchup and sauces to make it be cheap and nice! How we do the steps is not so detail to tell here! But I ensure that everyone knew how to make it! 
Wan Tan Mee #1 

Wan Tan Mee #2
This plate of WanTan Noodles can be sell about RM1.50 like that. Nothing inside is only noodles and let you to fill up your stomach full! LOL. I hope that got chance to learn some cooking skills during holidays. Check out! Posted by GenYong 09/11/2008

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