Tea Time @ Cecil Road

Posted by GenYong On Sunday, October 12, 2008 1 Feedbacks

Last Sunday, I followed my family went to visit for some lightning for my new house. After looking for the lights then we went to Lebuh Cecil(Seventh road in Penang) 'hunt' for some tea time foods. At there many of people and tourist like there's food. Especially the famous Koay Teow T'ng that I have! Let's look what food we 'hunted'.


Ais Kacang

Char Koay Kah

Char Koay Teow

Char Mi Sua

Wan Tan Mee #1

Wan Tan Mee #2

Koay Teow T'ng

Koay Teow T'ng #2
We had a lot of meals there. Every meal seems is so delicious! My dad have one plate of Wan Tan Mee and my grandmum have a plate of fried noodles! My mum kept sharing with my sister! I have myself a bowl of Koay Teow Soup and cendol! Cool. I like this hawker stall so much because of it has a lot of foods! Overall the food is delicious! Tourist choice, as a penangite you must try it out!

Where to find this place? Posted by GenYong 12/10/2008

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I was there recently too and they are lined up in my upcoming posts!
Hahaha....I know about this famous duck meat koay teow th'ng too:)

Aiks, your pics turned out so much better than mine....I think I am going to bin those pics...they're not as nice as yours:(

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