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Last Saturday, my dad brought us to Old Town that just opened for one month @Bayan Baru. The place is really big and unique that I can describe. It seems have own shop and not sharing with each other. I wondered every day there was crowded of people having their supper with one cup of coffee and some breads. I have my dinner at there because of celebrating my belated birthday. More details that I have post on my General Blog. Check it out if necessary!

OldTown White Coffee
I ordered the White Coffee which you suppose to have this drink here. Why? Because this is the brand of the OldTown shop!
White Coffee

Strawberry Milk Shake
My sister ordered a cup of strawberry milk shake! It's not cheap, cost RM5.80!
Ice Cream Bread
I never saw this before. Between two breads have a scoop of ice cream. When it melt, it seems like a jam kind between the bread. I like it so much! Yup, really HouLiao!
Ice Cream Bread #2
My sister like their classic Nasi Lemak. She had eaten before while she went to OldTown@Queensbay Mall! But she said there is quite small area and need to wait for seat, here better! Are you agree?
Nasi Lemak

Bihun Soup
My father ordered a bowl of bihun soup, just a plain bihun soup that the special is the bihun is made from Ipoh! You can try it out there!
Hokkien Mee
I have a bowl of Hokkien Mee. It seems a lot of ingredients there. I think this bowl of mee not cheap!
Curry Mee
My mum have a bowl of curry mee! She liked it so much, but she said it still can be improve!
Kaya+Butter Bread
Lastly, we ordered a kaya+butter bread. I ate it with with white coffee! It seems so tasty. I like the white coffee very much because it not same like my grandmum cooked coffee. It got some special features, you must try it out!

This is a new place for you to relax and chit chatting with each other. Especially bloggers or officers like this kind of place! How about you? You must check it out this new shop @Bayan Baru, Penang! Posted by GenYong 02/10/2008

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