Mee Goreng @ Sungai Ara

Posted by GenYong On Sunday, October 19, 2008 1 Feedbacks

Actually this happened at last Sunday. While my dad brought me went home from tuition centre, he suggested us for tea time! Cool. I like tea time, it's about 4.30pm something that time. He drove us to the Sungai Ara (in front Taimima Buildings Company), there got a mamak stall right? Last time I got posted before at this blog. Remember that is this post, that time I was having mee rebus as now I tried mee goreng! Nice and delicious.

Mee Goreng #1

Mee Goreng #2
This is the packet of Mee Goreng. We bought it and ate it at home. It seems good in taste and delicious while eating. Nice packet of mee goreng. Are you ready to try it out? Where to find it? Sungai Ara where? Here come. You must really try it out there is near SJK(C) Chong Cheng! Posted by GenYong 18/10/2008

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oh yea...i know this place too, heard lots of comments about the mee goreng too:D

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