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Last Sunday after we visit our new house @ Pearl Garden, we went to the nearby old kopitiam to have our lunch. I seldom go out for lunch, I think this is the first post that I need to label as lunch. LOL. I always go out with family for dinner but lunch no la! Actually Sunday I didn't have lunch. I used breakfast as lunch, because I sleep until very late.

This lunch is my uncle suggested because of he was hungry on that day! LOL. So my dad brought us to the nearby old kopitiam to have a 'cheap and nice' lunch there!

Where is it?

Stall Bannner
The stall banner and the big banner at the roadside. You seen this before at Sungai Ara?
Order List #1

Order List #2

Order List #3

Order List #4
The order lists of the stall! You can now get ready what you want to order and write in a memo for the cooker! LOL. Really true, you can refer to it!
Spicy soup!
Here is the popular meal of the stall! The spicy soup! That's really spicy and sour. While it come on, you must be careful because of it is hot and spicy! In the soup contains of some pieces of fish! They put the onions family on it and cooked it for many hours that I think!
'Shao Bo Tao Hu'
The 'Sha Bo Tao Hu' is my family favourite. This meal suitable for kids that I like too! It can mixed with white rice and it taste nice and delicious! Hmm....
'He Ko' meat
The meat that I first time ate! According to my dad, this plate is called fried 'He Ko' meat. It just like chicken and fish, but that's is not chicken or fish that you think! One type of meat, nice taste you can try it out!
Fried Egg
The simply fried egg with onions! This seems a simple dish, but do you know how to do it? XD!
Fried Vegetables
My favourite vegetables is 'Cai Tak!'. Every time I went to orient restaurant, i sure must ordered this plate of vegetables. Many people like it too! You must be early to prevent the vegetables 'sold out'!

Overall this lunch let me get a conclusion. This place is not so suitable because it might be hot in afternoon! But the dishes is really delicious! This stall is open from 8am-3pm. If you want to taste it, the suitable time is around 11am! This is afternoon session, evening session is other stall that next to it!

Click here for the map to the kopitiam

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