My birthday cake from Tesco Extra Kings

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Last Monday that's is my birthday and I celebrated in house with family. My neighbour bought me a cake from Tesco Extra, Penang. The post you can click on to my blog for check it out or subscribe to my RSS feeds. Now let me show you some of the photos of cakes:

Birthday cake
This photo is combined from two photos by using Adobe Photoshop. LOL! It is nice looking and you will feel hungry now? XD
Cakes #1
My mum was cutting the cake for each other to have it!
Cakes #2
Left about 2/3 pieces of cakes. I ate the blueberry, it might be sweet+sour. But I feel that it's actually grapes. Strawberry got one type of chemical let it maintain fresh. The taste ok but strawberry can be improve better. I like the overall of the cakes! Thank you very much to whom who celebrated birthday for me! Posted by GenYong 29/09/2008

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