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Last Saturday night, that's also the eve of Mid Autumn. My father brought us went to Bayan Baru for buying some stuffs for praying on Mid Autumn Day. There was some kuih and many more.... Alright, after bought it we went to the Batu Maung Taman Iping Tai Kie Lai Kopitiam to have our 'belated' dinner. Luckily it was late, if not need to wait for a long time.(The kopitiam is so famous and many people like it!) Let see what dishes that we have ordered.

Tai Kie Lye Kopitiam
The kopitiam of the Tai Kie Lye which located in Taman Iping.
Orange Juice
I have myself an orange juice, it is quite sweet and overall is nice and cool.
Taofu #1
The Taofu here. A bowl of Taofu at the end also get finished by us! lol
Taofu #2

The plate of chicken. The most unique part is they put a lot of sauce on the plate of chicken, so that my sister like it and she ate a lot on it! XD...
This the light fried vegetables. We only odered 3 plates of dishes but it seems let us so full! LOL. It is quite nice in this dinner.
Simple is Nice!
Posted by GenYong 16/09/2008

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Yeahhh, simple is always the nicest:)
Batu Maung's kopitiam? I must find out where is this;)

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