Big Apple Donuts

Posted by GenYong On Tuesday, September 30, 2008 2 Feedbacks

Last Wednesday, my aunt(father's sister) was bring a box of donuts for my belated birthday. Actually she bought from Bandar Pedra AEON Jusco Complex. It's quite far from here! I never saw this kind of coffee shop in Penang Island before. But according to my aunt, she said the new extension of Gurney Plaza will open a new branch. But in my opinion, why not Queensbay Mall? Because I can always go there! LOL.

Big Apple Donuts & Coffee

Big Apple Donuts

Big Apple Donuts #2
I felt surprising that how come my aunt will bought this and where she bought it. I tasted it out it seems more tasty and unique of other mamak stalls that sell along the road side.

I discovered a new donuts cafe was open and I would like to visit Gurney Plaza within this few days. Hope that I can successful. Bring more shot for you all! Posted by GenYong 30/09/2008

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this one a bit same like donkin donut, the taste are great

Yeah I agree too. More tasty!

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