Chicken Rice@Bayan Baru Food Court

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Last two weeks, my father brought us to Setia Pearl Island for looking the exhibition of new houses. While we were visiting, then there were raining heavily. The houses were really nice. The photos will be post up soon in my blog. What we ordered? Let see:

This was the stall of the chicken rice. Golden Phoenix Chicken Rice stall @ Bayan Baru.
This shot is quite blur, but I don't know why will like that. Maybe moved it! But still can see is 'char siu' mixed with 'siu bak'. It was really delicious. Below also the same of dish!

That's the chicken rice most important 'actor'. That's chicken! It's fried, then use the sauce and put above the meat of chicken and mixed with cucumber pieces. Let people who didn't like vegetables eat the cucumber with the chicken. This is the good idea that I think so!
This was the soup which cooked with the salty vegetables. In Hokkien called 'kiam cai t'ng'
What a delicious fried oyster. It fried with prawns, eggs and oysters. This plate 'not easy', mostly cost RM6.50. Nowadays everything is hike up the price. Not possible if still remain the same price. This lunch cost my dad about RM30+. I think it's the comfortable eating! Posted by GenYong 11/08/2008

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