Dinner @ Qiu Seafood Restaurant again!

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Hi guys, long time update I would like to request sorry from you all. Recently I was busy on my club stuffs. So now I can show you some of the photos.

This was what we had order. On top is the Bak Kut fried 'lak chi'. It's seems so special, but quite cold to have it. Maybe it get cold ready, so not so nice to have this plate of meal.
This was what I like while having dinner in chinese restaurant with my family. It's 'taofu fried meat and vegetables chapalang' Although a lot of 'stuffs' mixed together, but it was so delicious and I like the soup of the meal.
This was every kids favorite meal. Lemon 'fried chicken'? Haha. It's true. The chicken get fried first then they poured the lemon juice on top the chickens and become so delicious like some sour and some sweet while you are eating.

I hope that the next post can be quickly come out la. I will find the more photos hardly this few days. Thanks for your kindly support! Posted by GenYong 09/07/2008

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