Happy Belated 'Zhang' Festival

Posted by GenYong On Sunday, June 29, 2008 0 Feedbacks

Hi guys here, from last post I mentioned that I want to show you the 'zhang'(dumpling) photos right? Now let me show you! So sorry that I can't get my time to update the post. Alright now let me show you the belated photos.

That's 07/06 night shot de! I belated to post it! So sorry. Take from my grandmum(mother side). She really a good cooker and also a good 'dumpling maker'. XD!
Let's see she made a lot of dumplings for us! We really in happiness to eat it. But now already finished. Because dumplings can't keep too long.
That's the dumpling. Oh no! I snapped blur. But hope that just can ignore it la! Hehe. I will update very very soon. Keep in updating daily or weekly la! Thanks for support. Posted by GenYong 29/06/2008

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