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Posted by GenYong On Thursday, May 29, 2008 2 Feedbacks

Last Sunday, my mum was so free until nothing to do. Hahax! Actually that day she was quite free, because everyday she was so busy until no time to sit down and talk. Last Saturday night, I just went up and ask her "what to cook tomorrow? How come so good smell?" She said she decided to cook the Tea Eggs for us to try. Let see what she cook and how we taste. XD!

This was the whole plate of tea eggs. It's delicious! Not so bitter and not so salty. It's confortable! Quite tasty.
As me in the whole afternoon of that day, I ate three eggs. Early in morning ate one, before tuition ate one and after tuition ate one. Total three, =)
My mum also cooked this dessert called 'Pek Mok Gi' in hokkien language. Hope that you understand! Hahax. This dessert is my mum the best dessert in she cooking life! I always praise at her to try the best to cook then sell to peoples. But she said no time to do this and sure no customers. Hahax!

Anyway, I received few feedbacks of my this new food blog! I would like to thanks for my readers and supporters. Thanks for your visit and your support. I will slightly improve to the best! Thanks you very much. Invite more peoples come and share food! Hahax. Posted by GenYong 29/05/2008

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heyyyy... i love tea eggs too!!! never miss buying them whenever i pass by its stall in any shopping malls. :D

Yo erlynda, seems you so like about tea eggs. I can call my mum to make for you if you got chance to come my house! LOL.

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