Dinner at Super Tanker

Posted by GenYong On Tuesday, May 27, 2008 4 Feedbacks

Hi guys, finally I completed modify my template. Now is the time to let me post the first blog post. Last Sunday night, my dad brought us to Super Tanker, LipSin to have a simple 'hawker dinner'. But the food is not same like low class style. Quite delicious! Especially the chicken rice. It's really tasty. I like it so much, the whole dinner just cost RM30 around.

Super Tanker hawker stall kopitiam, here we come!
That is the stall of Chicken Rice that I mentioned just now! Is a quite big stall, sure very popular at that area.
Then, our drinks come! I order a glass of 'Keat po'. Is quite sweet but not cold enough. Still okay la!
This was my sister ordered 'Char Keow Kak'. This plate cost RM1.80, still can be approve.
This was my rice! Is quite delicious, without meals also can be eat ready lo! Hahax.
Here the chicken that they provided to us! Is quite a lots. I ate until so full. Walao eh!
This was my grandma chicken rice plate. They put it nicely straightly in my grandma plate. Is so weird, don't know why at all.
Here the soup. The soup is sweet but not sour. It was so spicy! I just wonder while I ate it in hot! Wow, so spicy pula! XD The whole chicken rice set cost us RM15
This was the fried taofu here. I quite like this shot. It's begin more creative! It's contains 7 pieces cost RM2.00. Is okay la. Fried with 'kiam hu' Haah.
This was the plate of vegetables that my dad ate for Thai food set. Cost RM3.00, I think is more comfortable than eat in restaurant.

Alright, this dinner make me so fun! Hahax. Why? Because I can shot for foods. Nice! Thanks for visit to my first food blog. Any comments or feedbacks just leave in there! Thanks. Posted by GenYong 27/05/2008

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especially the TU KA

Congratz on the first post!

I will surely eat those pancakes with lotsa ingredients whenever I go to Super Tanker. You should try it next time. =D

haha...i used to went super tanker once a while, and never notice the price where that cheap xD

anyway, nice post over the food ~

Thanks for your support! I will slightly improve and do not let you all disappoint!

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